After re-reading my post from yesterday I realized that to others I may seem ungrateful for the technology we have. I want to clarify that I am extremely grateful for what we have. Our teachers and students do amazing things with the equipment we’ve been allocated.

We have a nice computer lab that will be very up-to-date (once we upgrade to Windows XP and Office 2003) by the end of the spring. Our school hasn’t really had a technology facilitator for the last few years to push upgrades and steer purchasing towards the future. Hopefully we will be on the right track after the next couple of years but it will take time.

I have visited other schools in other counties. Some have more technology than us and others have less. I am always grateful that we are not in the latter category. I just think there is room for improvement when it comes to refreshing our equipment and I am glad we have advocates in the county who are willing to speak out on our behalf.

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