3 comments on “Digital Writing Wonders

  1. I does make one stop and wonder. It, to me, makes the writing experience “out of the ordinary box” and thus students put more thought and effort into it. It is a different way to express your thoughts…..just a new tool can wake up those brains cells and get the juices flowing. That is how it is for me. Technology alarm clocks are going off! I love it! I’m happy for that teacher and those kids. It is the 21st century and we many of us are waking up!!! One day we won’t have to sing up to use computers. We will have them so available like pencils and paper are now. Can you imagine that?

  2. Speaking from my experience when writing creatively or for any reason a word processor helps me be a better writer. I can simply begin typing my ideas as they come to me. Then I easily go back and read, reread, edit, revise and even change my ideas with a simple “click o’ the mouse.” Once I have my story written I can insert my cursor and add “color” words as one of my colleagues calls describing words to make my story more interesting. I can “fluff up” my story even more by adding details to areas that may be weak. It is not that easy when using paper and pencil.

    I can remember writing papers in school and by the time I had finished there were so many arrows, insertions, marked out lines, etc. that it was difficult making heads or tales of what I had written. It would get very frustated writing and rewriting in order to improve my story.

    I am excited to hear that one of your teachers used the computer to have her students write creatively and found success. I believe her fellow teachers will also sit up and pay attention to what she discovered. We can only hope that this is just the begining to getting her students excited and activitely engaged in learning.

  3. To me it is about the tool of the times. When I was at school, pencils were all we had, it was the tool we used in school AND out. Of course if we got really good we got bumped up to PENS…
    How many kids today use a pencil or pen in the same manner as we did outside of school hours today?
    How many kids are more aware of the qwerty keyboard layout and the celphone pad than they are of proper pencil grip?
    To them the keyboard is the tool of the day, not the pencil, so when they are made to write with one…it slows the creativity down, just as if we were made to write with a slate or a fountain pen when we were at school.

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