Blogging=Cycle of Learning

Yesterday, as I was helping teachers tweak their blogs in anticipation of launching them to the web, I began thinking about the wonderful possibilities blogs are opening up for our students.  We have so many blogs now that span all different curriculae.  These students have the opportunity to comment on all sorts of different topics.  I see a new cycle of learning developing here.

Students are visiting our school’s blogs.  They read the posts and others’ comments.  Then they process what they’ve read and start writing their own comments.  It occurred to me that we are encouraging students to write across the curriculum!  I have heard this buzz phrase before but I’m not exactly sure I’ve seen it being accomplished up to this point.  Now, I’m seeing students comment on P.E. blogs, art blogs, language arts blogs, science blogs, math blogs, technology blogs, and social studies blogs.  And best of all, they LOVE it!  These students love seeing their comments posted on the Internet.  They have found a voice!  They are reading!  They are writing!  They are learning!

Ok, I am a bit excited.  I have been told that I’m clicking on all cylinders and I suppose that’s true.  I just get really fueled up when I see technology doing it what’s supposed to do in a school:  support and encourage learning.  Technology should walk hand-in-hand with the curriculum.  When it does, the two can be a powerful force and that is what we’re seeing happen at MCMS.

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