2 comments on “Update–NCWise Training and Gradebooks

  1. We, too, are training our faculties in NC Wise. I’m glad to see your staff was positive about the experience. Hopefully, ours will embrace NC Wise as well as your faculty did.

    Good luck!

  2. I ran the technology department for a K-8 parochial school in Lexington, KY for 5 years, and I can tell you from my own experience that online grades with student and parent access can be problematic. The only time that it is assured that these gradebooks are accurate is at the end of the term. Staff consistency in entering grades is the biggest problem. There needs to be a policy for this interally so that when a parent/student/administrator opens the gradebook it is “reasonably” current.

    It would be good to know at the first of the year (when syllabus data comes home from the various teachers) ,how frequently each instructor will commit to maintaining these gradebooks-weekly, daily, bi-weekly, etc. Obviously, parents will focus their attention on the Core Courses and will be somewhat less concerned about the Encore Classes. If there is no policy on staff maintenance of the gradebooks, the tool will be of little use to administrators, students or parent communities, and may have a negative, rather than positive, effect.

    Lou Ann Taylor

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