3 comments on “iTouch Possibilities in the Classroom

  1. I have been using the nano’s in my 7th grade social studies classroom for the past 7 months and had great success. I record a podcast for each section and the kids can listen to a review of the notes and watch a slideshow as they listen. It has been a great way for kids to get another chance at listening to the information.
    I just signed on to a group who will use the iTouch in the classroom. In addition to basic research, I plan on using the iTouch to lead the kids on virtual scavenger hunts. I plan out the websites and give them tasks on each site. Students can also use the iTouches to play games I have set up on the http://www.quia.com website. It is aligned to the material I am teaching because I design the games.
    The technology aspect to teaching has come a long way since I was in middle school. I don’t think I would have been interested in listening to a record album of my social studies teacher’s reviews, but the podcasts make t fun.

  2. Will the teachers actually use the iTouch for school room purposes? Or will they cheat and use them for their own personal use? How would anyone find out if they did cheat?

  3. I am currently working with a school district who has purchased several portable iTouch labs. This upcoming school year, 2009-2010, will be the 1st year that teachers will be using them in the classroom. The district’s goal is to have students use the iTouch as an educational tool in social studies, language arts and global language. We are currently planning some professional development for teachers on they might utilize the iTouch.

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