Swimming in the Deep End…Again!

Ok, I’ve taken a break from blog reading/posting and even using my Google home page combined with Google gadgets like Google Reader etc. I’ve just been too busy to engage in the Web 2.0 world for a while.

So recently, as my scheduled has relaxed a little, I have cannonballed back into the deep water and I am fired up once more! It’s been so easy to focus solely on NCWise or the day-to-day grind of troubleshooting and meetings. I am ashamed to see that my blog posts have waned considerably.

What I realized over the last days is that by not actively participating in Web 2.0, I have missed out on what is currently happening in the world of technology education. My professional knowledgeometer has dipped down to empty and I have been running on fumes. This in turn has an impact on the staff of teachers I am supposed to inspire and, more importantly, the student body who desperately needs teachers to engage them in meaningful ways.

So, with renewed fervor, I stand on the edge of the Web 2.0 pool and survey the waters. There is a lot of work to do.

I recently attended a department meeting of social studies teachers. One comment that has haunted me: “No matter what activity I do, the kids just don’t care. I don’t know how to make social studies interesting to them anymore.” During the meeting I heard teachers spinning their wheels with old technologies/teaching methods that don’t interest students. There was a distinct staleness in the conversation. It struck me that like many teachers, they are isolated in their classrooms and are starving for fresh new ideas. I want so desperately now to connect our teachers with professional blogs and resources where they can learn more about what others in their fields are doing with technology and the read/write web. Just like I have benefited from a renewed dip into the Web 2.0 pool, I know teachers would as well and, in turn, hopefully share these benefits with the students.

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