Update Time

It has been a while since my last post and I need to update a few items. 

First of all, I am now married to a wonderful Dutch man and am very happy!  We had what I like to call a micro-wedding Dutch style here in Amsterdam three weeks ago.  My family could not be there so we only had 2 witnesses who are dear friends at the ceremony.  It was nice to have such a small ceremony as we were not overly concerned with planning a large event and could put all the focus on our commitment to each other. 

Secondly, we are now working on apply for an immigrant visa for my new husband so we can relocate to the United States this year.  I am so excited about moving back to the States.  I am hoping to start teaching in North Carolina again and really hope I will be able to find a technology facilitator job so I can continue what I started years ago.

Technology is always changing and I know the landscape of educational possibilities is always changing as well.  I look forward to diving back into it all and working with students and teachers to make use of the tools out there. 

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