My name is Lisa Raines Frissen and I have been in education since 1995.  I have been a technology facilitator and a French teacher in both high school and middle school levels. In 2008, I pursued my dream of living in Europe and moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  While there, I was employed as a customer service representative at TomTom.  I am currently in the U.S. teaching high school French in the Guilford County School System.

Most of what I have learned about computers in the early years, I learned through professional development in the school system. When I was in college, computers were just coming into their own and the Internet was still in its infancy. I started learning on a PowerMac 5400 and fell in love with computers.  I continue to learn and grow but my classroom is now the Internet and the blogosphere.  My personal learning network has taught me much over the years.  I strongly encourage you to make your own if you haven’t yet dived in.

I love education, French, and technology.  My other interests include travel, films (particularly the classics), music, scrapbooks, making jewelry, shopping (thanks to my husband for turning me into a shopper), MMOs and other online games.

I don’t pretend to know it all.  This blog is my little attempt at venting every now and again when I am just bursting with ideas.  I have this silly notion that if teachers share their knowledge it will make education better.  I say it’s silly because I have found that many teachers do not want to share their knowledge and guard it like it was their own treasure trove.  I tip my hat to all those educators out there who do indeed share great ideas and who have made me a better teacher for it.  Let’s pass it forward and keep the knowledge-sharing going!

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