Webcams in the Classroom, Part II

In the midst of computer deployment, I was able to catch Mrs. Fitts’ 6th grade social studies class using laptops to tour the world in 80 clicks!  I wish I had my camera at the time.  These students were so excited!  They were literally jumping up and down in their seats as they watched ships traveling through the Panama Canal.  They discussed why it would be dark in Tokyo when it was daylight here in North Carolina.  They learned how to decipher 24 hour (military) time.  The room was literally buzzing with learning opportunities! 

Her students also placed some very interesting comments on the school blog entries “Kid Nation” and “Favorite Activities.”

Kudos to Mrs. Fitts’ for bringing this experience to life with her students.  Next time, I’m bringing my camera!

Webcams in the Classroom at MCMS

I’m working with our two 6th grade social studies teachers on integrating webcams into their lessons.  Both teachers are asking students to present a current event to the class on Tuesdays.  Using webcams, Skype, and data projectors, the classes will share their current events with each other as they present.  They are also interested in finding classes around the world to communicate with, using this new technology.

I found some resources online that present lots of possibilities for not just using the webcam in their classroom but also for looking through others’ webcams at different places in the world. 

Webcams in the Classroom(pdf)–This is a list of resources for using webcams in the classroom from technology facilitator, David Cox, in Louisiana.  This document contains basic information on what a webcam is and how to safely use it in the classroom.  Mr. Cox also includes many links to teaching ideas.

Cable in the Classroom Project Cam(pdf)–This document outlines Cable in the Classroom’s Project Cam.  It outlines the project and explains how teachers are using it in their classrooms.  Tips for creating a cultural exchange are also provided.

I hope to update sometime soon with results on our first use of webcams in the classroom at MCMS!