Technology Resources

Below is a list of resources I’ve gathered for various ways to use technology in the classroom.  I have tried to gather a variety of resources not only for the teacher but also for students to use.  I am not an Apple person so my list will include mainly Microsoft or free online resources.  (If I come across Apple resources I will post them of course!)  I like the word FREE best of all!

I try to keep these links updated but if you find a broken one, please let me know so I can update it.  Also if you have links of your own to share, please send them to me!

Multimedia Presentations

Digital Storytelling



Student and Teacher Creations: Word Processing and Desktop Publishing

Links to Websites with Lesson Ideas/Plans in Various Software Programs & Subject Areas

Web 2.0 Resources


NCAECT 2007 Resources

2 thoughts on “Technology Resources

  1. Hi,
    I noticed that you have my site, Nicholson’s Lesson Plan Blues, listed on your website. I just wanted to let you know that the Florida Department of Education no longer provides their teachers with free web hosting so I am sending you a link to my new website:
    Janann Nicholson

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